Engaging ALDI employees

How do you make thousands of people, working all over Australia, feel like they're part of a community, not cogs in a giant retail machine? By giving them MyALDI, an employee-focused app, that's how. TJC worked on the launch campaign (with Precinct) and in-house at ALDI to create a range of interesting articles, staff profiles and Q&As for ALDI folk to read, like and engage with.

We also do a bunch of external stuff for ALDI, helping them communicate everything from their position on the price of milk to their latest Special Buys. Some of that ends up on ALDI Unpacked.

Rebranding a foundering pharmacy

Faced with stiff competition from a host of discount pharmacy chains flogging cheap vitamins, humungous bottles of shampoo and little in the way of expertise or care, Amcal needed to act. Doubling down on their existing tagline, Just ask Amcal, we rebranded the business and created a fun, retail campaign based on an insight we can all relate to. Check it out.

Via Naked.

Raising the bar at Education

We can do a much better job educating kids with disability in New South Wales. At least two parliamentary inquiries and numerous experts have said so. In response to that sobering reality, the NSW Department of Education sought to implement a range of measures designed to improve education outcomes for children and young people with disability. We worked with the Department, and various external experts, to produce the state's first ever Disability Strategy. You can read it here.

Recycling is good

We think cash for containers programs are great. So does Envirobank, a Redfern business that manages container deposit schemes in New South Wales, the Northern Territory, South Australia and Queensland. A couple of years back, we helped them rebrand ahead of the launch of the Return and Earn scheme in NSW. We literally wrote the book on their brand, established a tone of voice, and crafted the copy that lives on their website and loyalty platform, Crunch.

One person's Christmas trash…

Have you ever received a Christmas gift that's left you thinking WTF? Like a pair of screechingly fugly hourglass cufflinks, perhaps? Okay, TMI maybe, but you get the drift. To get people thinking Gumtree rather than the usual post-Christmas retailers, we created the Unwanted Gifts campaign. The posters, pitched at both buyers and sellers, ran in malls across the country. It did well.

Experience first redux

Following on from the successful Experience First campaign (with Precinct), UNSW wanted to tell incoming first year students about all the things they can do outside the classroom. The result was campaign featuring four UNSW students who are thriving at the university, whether that's in the lab, on the solar racing car circuit or in a leadership position with one of the many societies on campus.