TJC is a copywriting, content marketing and communications consultancy based in Sydney, Australia. We help brands, businesses and the occasional bureaucracy express themselves, their values and their products through smart strategy, clear writing and compelling stories. We work with big brands, like ALDI and Canon, government agencies, small and mid-sized businesses, and a handful of Australia's best advertising and digital agencies, all of whom understand the value of good writing. If that's the kind of company you'd like to keep, send email stat. TJC is led by me, Tim Collins, a writer and creative with over fifteen years' experience in advertising, branding and publishing. In addition to my creative and communications work, I've written for magazines, newspapers and websites in Australia, the US and the UK. I hold a BA (Sydney) in English and Government and an M.Litt (St Andrews) in Middle Eastern and Central Asian Security Studies. I also run a bit.

Words matter. Good writing promotes understanding and empathy, improves efficiency and, because it's persuasive, allows you to get your point across. Bad writing does none of those things. Producing cultural landfill doesn't interest us and, we hope, holds no interest for you. We make and sell things—articles, blog posts, reports, infographics, creative concepts, research—not time. We're curious, not contemptuous. On a related note, we think consumers are smarter than some people are willing to acknowledge. We think citizen journalism sounds as silly as citizen dentistry. One more? Life's too short for dull.

At TJC, we strive to create things that your customers, people and stakeholders will choose to engage with. Herewith, a list of some of the services we offer.


Blog posts

Brand positioning

Branded content creation

Digital and website copywriting

External communications

Feature writing


Internal communications

Media releases

Opinion writing

Product naming




Tone of voice development

UX writing

"TJC bring expertise, good humour, and a considered approach to everything we throw at them, from apps, to website content, and social campaigns."

--Andrew Reece, Co-Founder, Inspect Real Estate

"TJC understand people, and the digital landscape. They helped us refine our brand, developing our tone of voice, and producing crisp copy for our website and rewards portal. They were also a pleasure to work with."

--Peter Salka, Chief Technology Officer, Envirobank

"Those guys did me a real solid on the Cairo speech a few years back."

--Barack Obama, 45th President of the United States

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