I'm a writer and communications consultant from Sydney. Hailing from the worlds of advertising and publishing, I work with businesses, brands and government agencies to deliver strategic thinking, editorial know-how and compelling writing. I also write the occasional essay and piece of criticism, and I run a bit. BA Sydney, M.Litt St Andrews.

Words matter. Good writing stops people in their tracks and makes them buy whatever it is you're selling1. At worst, it lets them know what you're on about. Bad writing? Not so much. Ideas can come from anywhere, but some are better than others. Curiosity, not contempt. People are smarter than some people think. Citizen journalism sounds about as dumb as citizen dentistry. Life's too short for dull.

1. Well, sometimes.

I write lots of different things for various agencies, companies and government departments. Herewith, a list of my services.



Brand positioning

Branded content creation

Creative and campaign ideas

Digital and website copywriting

External communications

Feature writing

Internal communications

Media releases

Opinion writing

Product naming



Tone of voice development

UX writing

"Tim brings expertise, good humour, and a considered approach to everything we throw at him, from apps, to website content, and social campaigns."

--Andrew Reece, Co-Founder, Inspect Real Estate

"Tim understands people, and the digital landscape. He helped us refine our brand, developing our tone of voice, and producing crisp copy for our website and rewards portal. He was also a pleasure to work with."

--Peter Salka, Chief Technology Officer, Envirobank

"Timothy Collins did me a real solid on the Cairo speech a few years back."

--Barack Obama, 45th President of the United States

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