TJC is a creative communications consultancy based in Sydney, Australia. Led, owned and operated by Timothy Collins, a writer and creative with over fifteen years' experience across advertising, branding and editorial, TJC helps brands and organisations express themselves, their values and their products through smart strategy, engaging stories and artful design. TJC's creative output runs the gamut, from compelling writing to creative campaigns, tone of voice development and PR.

No. 1

Words matter

The words you use to communicate with your customers, stakeholders and constituents matter a great deal, yet all too often they're regarded as an afterthought, the poor cousins to that shiny new identity. The thing is, you can't build a world-class brand by sounding second-rate.

No. 2


Want to cut out the middle [wo]man? Glad to hear it. When you work with TJC, you'll be dealing directly with our Numero Uno, not some midweight account manager whose raison d'être is to add a bunch of head hours to your bill.

No. 3

Hold that retainer

Long-term relationships are great, but that doesn't necessarily mean we need a chunk of your money every month. We typically work on a project basis, marshalling the right talent for the job, complementing your other suppliers when they can't deliver, and giving you a lift when you need it most.

No. 4

No landfill

We're here to make things we're proud of, not produce cultural landfill. At a minimum, that means no straight-to-video style rubbish. It also means making stuff that won't embarrass you, your organisation or us.

No. 5

No billable hours

TJC doesn't sell time. We sell quality writing, articles, website copy, posters, campaigns, blog posts, reports, media releases—things, basically. And those things have value. See, the billable hour only incentivises people like us to convince people like you that your project will take a lot longer, and many more bodies, than it probably will. And that's not good for anyone.

No. 6

Curiousity not contempt

We admit it. We're business card-carrying members of the urban media elite. But we don't look down our noses at anyone. Well, no one outside the elite anyway. That's because we find people interesting. We also think people are smarter and more sophisticated than some marketers are willing to acknowledge. That's why we'll never treat them with contempt, no matter how nicely people ask us to.

No. 7

Be interesting

Life's too short for dull, and yet dullness abounds. Dull writing. Dull Tweets. Dull advertising. In these sober, risk-averse times, we're on a mission to bring a bit of colour, levity and interest to communications. After all, there's enough boring in the world.

No. 8

There is no formula

We could have written a buzzword-filled formula to go here, but that would have been a waste of time. It would have also been dishonest. The truth is, there is no formula for creating interesting communications. If you're trying to say something, we'll come up with an approach that works for you and your audience.

No. 9

Walk a mile

Sometimes we get so caught up in the things we're into—music, TV shows, and yes, brands—that we fail to see how other people could not love them, too. That's why it's always helpful, if you're trying to communicate with someone (or a group of someones), to take a walk in their shoes—metaphorically speaking, of course. Athlete's foot is no joke.

No. 10

Partners not resources

You know Glenn Greenwald, the guy who broke the Edward Snowden story? Well, the guy had it written into his Guardian contract that any story he filed would be published straight to the website, unmessedwith by any editor or sub. We love that story almost as much as we love relationships founded on trust and mutual respect.

At TJC, we strive to create things that your customers, people and stakeholders will choose to engage with. Herewith, a list of some of the services we offer.



Brand positioning


Content creation

Digital and website copywriting

Editorial writing

External communications



Internal communications

Media releases

Product naming



Tone of voice development

UX writing

"TJC bring expertise, good humour, and a considered approach to everything we throw at them, from apps, to website content, and social campaigns."

--Andrew Reece, Co-Founder, Inspect Real Estate

"TJC understand people, and the digital landscape. They helped us refine our brand, developing our tone of voice, and producing crisp copy for our website and rewards portal. They were also a pleasure to work with."

--Peter Salka, Chief Technology Officer, Envirobank

"Those guys did me a real solid on the Cairo speech a few years back."

--Barack Obama, 45th President of the United States

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